30 cute sayings to engrave into your wedding band

30 cute sayings to engrave into your wedding band

 If you’re in need of some beautiful words to engrave your and/or your partners rings with, then this is the article for you! This little touch will add a unique, personal element to your beautiful wedding band. There are pop culture references, religious, spiritual and utterly romantic sayings, all amazing ideas for your ring engravings.

Not all of these cute saying ideas will suit every couple, but if you’re looking for some sweet sayings to have engraved into your wedding bands, then look no further. We have a real mix of romance, religious and even a couple Game of Thrones and Star Wars references to suit pretty much everyone. Here are 30 cute saying ideas to engrave your wedding band with: Wedding rings of white gold and angage ring

1. I love you

2. Your partner’s name

3. Your wedding date

4. Your names

5. Mr and Mrs / Mrs and Mrs / Mr and Mr, etc.

6.  I love you to the moon and back

7. My sun and my stars / moon of my life

8. Real love

9. Love is all around us

10. God gave me you

30 cute saying ideas to engrave your wedding band with

11. Part of your vows!

12. “I do”

13. Forever yours

14. Ever mine, ever thine, ever ours

15. My heart is yours

16. But the greatest of these is love

17. Love endures all things

18. Love is absolute loyalty

19. I love you, and that’s the beginning and end of everything

20.  I want all of you forever, you and me every day

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21. My heart is, and always will be, yours.

22. Forever

23. Love always wins

24. Je t’adore

25. I love you / I know

26. Love is the only true adventure

27. With you, I am home.

28. Love is forever.

29. I carry your heart / I carry it in my heart

30. ‘Til death do us part

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What to discuss with your potential wedding florist

What to discuss with your potential wedding florist

They are gorgeous, smell amazing, come in all colours… and have the potential to make up a substantial part of the look and feel of your wedding. Whether you plan to go minimalist with pops of vibrant colour, or want flowers to feature heavily throughout your ceremony and reception, you will need the advice and expertise of a florist to help you achieve the look you are going for.

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shoot courtesy of Photography by Grace Hill

Aside from the basics, like finding out if the florist is available on your wedding date, there are quite a few things you can discuss with a potential wedding florist to get a feel for how well you will work together and if they can see the vision you wish to create.

(Or if you have no vision, which can happen to some couples, can your potential wedding florist paint a picture that resonates with you?)

The one thing you should do before meeting with a potential wedding florist is to have your ceremony and reception venues locked down.

This means you will be able to talk more in detail about how you would like to decorate the venues if you would like to feature flowers, or how your arrangements can complement existing gardens or the decor of a room.

If you have already chosen your wedding dress, you could also take in pictures to show the florist and any images you might have of the bridesmaids’ dresses or swatches of your chosen colour theme. These are not as essential but can help to get the creative juices flowing.

When it comes time to talk about the finer points with a potential florist, consider covering the following areas…

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Their background

You may find some of this on their website or social media profiles, but if these details are missing, ask them how long they have been in business and how many weddings they have serviced.

This is also a good opportunity to ask to see any recent portfolios of weddings they have worked on.

Location, location

Check if your florist has worked at your ceremony or reception venues before. If they have, you can ask them to share some things that have or haven’t worked so well in previous weddings there.

If they haven’t, ask them if they are familiar with your venues and would be open to walking through with you. (You may want to check if there is a fee for them doing this with you.)

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On the day

Ask your florist if they will be personally making your bouquets and other arrangements, or if they will have another florist or small team working on it.

You can also check how far in advance they will create your flower arrangements and how they will be stored until the wedding day.

The flowers

This is the fun part! Check with your florist to see which flowers will be in season and which blooms will best suit your theme. Can your florist help you to build a bouquet with meaning?

If you are having an outdoor wedding in the heat of summer, or in the snow in winter, are there types of flowers that will be hardier and better able to cope with these conditions?

If organic and sustainability are important to you and your partner, you can ask if your florist does anything to ensure they source pesticide-free or sustainably grown flower varieties.

Does the florist usually create sample arrangements for you to look at before you lock in their services? And if this is something you’d like them to do, ask if there is a fee involved.

If you would like to incorporate flowers into your wedding cake, check if the florist will work with your cake maker to provide the flowers needed.

Flower alternatives

Can the florist think outside the square if you don’t want to rely too heavily on flowers? Can they work with you to create a brooch bouquet? Can they source long strands of ivy to wind around pillars to give that greenery look, or come up with interesting options for centrepieces or arbours?

Does the florist provide, hire, or sell vases or other containers for centrepieces and aisle bouquets? Check what other decor items they can provide, like votives and mirrors, and if there are hire costs involved in using them.

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Budgets and payments

Check if your florist requires a minimum spend to work for you. Following discussions about your wedding needs, ask if what you want will fit into your allocated flower budget. If not, can the florist suggest alternative arrangements or flower species that might be cheaper and help you to stick to your budget?

Are there other alternatives that will give you more bang for your buck and still give you a beautiful floral look?

What fees are associated with the wedding day? Ask about delivery fees, charges to set up and breakdown any floral decor they provide as well as getting an estimate of the amount of time they would need to do this so you can work it in with your other wedding suppliers.

If you would like the same arrangements moved from the ceremony to the reception, you can ask if it is possible for a florist to remain on site to move them for you, but check what they would charge to do so.

Locking it in

When you have found the right florist for you, it’s time to get down to the nitty gritty.

Now is the time to ask how to book them in, how much of a deposit they require and when it is due to be paid. While talking money, make sure to ask when the final payment is due and when you have to finalise your order and check what the cancellation or refund policy is (just in case…).

Be sure to ask for an itemised quote so you have a record of all of the elements you have worked through together, along with the prices for future reference.

Now that you have worked through all of this, you know you will have everything sorted when it comes to everything floral on your wedding day.

The only question you have to ask your florist after the big day, is if they can help you to preserve your flowers!

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Tips for making the most of a wedding fair

Tips for making the most of a wedding fair

Congratulations on your engagement! Now that you have a ring on it, and may have allowed your mind to start to wander to the possibilities of what your wedding day could look like, you might be tempted by a local wedding fair or two!

wedding fair

Wedding and bridal fairs are the perfect way for couples to get a taste-test of what is available to them and the suppliers that they can tap into locally.
While some fairs are major annual events that take in a whole region or city, others are more localised or even focused on a single venue and the suppliers they engage with.
No matter which kind of fair floats your boat, you should make an effort to attend at least one – if for no other reason than to say you’ve had the experience. Who knows? You may come away from it having found your ideal venue or photographer!
There is no doubt that there is potential for information overload on a fair day, so here are some tips for surviving a wedding fair…

Choose your team wisely

Wedding fairs don’t happen every day, so when they do, they attract newly-engaged couples, halfway-through-planning couples, and couples who are just missing one or two suppliers.
When you consider that’s pretty much anyone who is engaged and yet to walk down the aisle, you can expect large numbers of people at a fair.
A small, but efficient team is what you need to assemble to accompany you to the fair. It could be as simple as you and your partner going together, but if your partner breaks into cold sweats at the thought of braving a bridal fair, it’s best to look elsewhere for a companion for the day. You want to take people whose opinions you value, and who can also offer you good advice to help you wade through the huge amounts of information that awaits you.

Get sticky

Multiple wedding experts recommend creating stickers with your name, email address, contact number, and wedding date (if you have chosen one) on them before you head off to the fair. Print a few sheets of them! Why? Because almost every supplier will ask for your details so they can send you more information, and you really don’t want to spend a few hours writing the same details over and over again.

Some suppliers will also have special competitions with one-off fair prizes that you can enter. With a sticker, you can just grab a form, slap a sticker on and bam! You are in the draw.

Create a special wedding email

With so many suppliers asking for your email address, you just know you are going to be bombarded with emails once the bridal fair is over. So, instead of sending it all to your everyday account, create a special wedding only email address that you can give to suppliers.

This means you will have everything you need in one place for your wedding research and communications!

Car pool

As with any big event, parking will be at a premium. If you are taking a team of two or three people with you, load up into one car and you won’t all be struggling to find a parking space at the fair.
Better still, you will all arrive at the same time and can dive right on in.
wedding fair

Take a bag

Chances are, almost every supplier at the fair will have something for you to take with you. From business cards and brochures to cool key chains and mint tins, they are all marketing tools designed to help you remember who they are later on.
While some fairs will arm you with a goodie bag at the door, which will become handy for stowing the things you collect inside, others won’t. So be prepared! Stow a canvas bag inside your handbag so you can easily whip it out if you need it.

Get sustenance beforehand

Make sure you take a water bottle and at least have a snack before venturing into the fair. It can be tiring work and not all fairs have nibbles or food stalls available.

Make a plan of attack

Once you are armed with a fair map and order of events, take some time to map out the journey you want to take.

If you have already been planning your wedding for some time and only need to see one or two types of vendors, find them on the map and make a beeline straight for them.
Once they are knocked off your list, you can enjoy as much or as little time at the fair afterwards as you like.
If you are newly engaged, you might like to look for all of the major suppliers, so plan a route that will allow you to take everything in and not miss anything important. Remember, the three essentials to start with when planning a wedding are the venue, celebrant, and wedding planner.


Almost every wedding fair includes a bridal fashion show, which may also be accompanied by a brief entertainment showcase with DJs and wedding musicians.
This is often the most relaxing part of a wedding fair and is a great way to get inspiration if you haven’t yet found the gown or accessories of your dreams, so it is well worth timing your fair visit to fit the show in as well.

If you have no interest in a fashion show, consider timing your visit with the show anyway – it’s a great opportunity to speak with suppliers and get around a little more easily while the majority of the people are engaged with the show!

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Take notes

You will meet so many new faces, hear so many new names, and learn about so many new businesses and what they can offer you for your wedding. It will literally be impossible to remember everything when you are trying to process it all at home.
Take a notepad and jot down notes as you finish up with each supplier to help jog your memory. Or, alternatively, you can just make a mark on the back of their business card if you want to look into them further or call them further into your wedding planning.

Be honest

If you are talking to a supplier and they drop a figure that you know is well and truly outside of your budget, just tell them. There is so much to do at a fair that there is no need to be wasting either your time or the suppliers if you know what they charge is double what you can afford.
Also, if you are literally at the fair to scope everyone out and not to begin serious bookings, let them know that too. This way the supplier can give you a basic rundown of what they offer and you can open up the lines of communication for later on if you have a rapport with them.
Be prepared that there may be some pushy suppliers who want to sign you up immediately and may contact you several times after the fair. If you are not interested, simply let them know and don’t feel compelled to hand your details over if you don’t feel comfortable.

Vibe is important

How you connect with your suppliers will play a vital role in who you ultimately choose to help you bring your wedding to life. Pay attention to how well you connect with each supplier to speak to at the fair, and use the opportunity to ask any questions you might have while you are face-to-face.
Jot down the vibe you get on your notepad to help you remember your initial feelings about them.

Have fun!!

Yes, wedding fairs can be overwhelming, but they are also a great way for you to have fun and let your imagination run wild with the possibilities of what you can create for your wedding.

If you do find yourself getting a bit snowed under, grab your team and take five. Sit and have a drink and talk through what you’ve seen so far. Then when you are ready, get back into it.

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